Launching the S TEAM!

 Today we (the S Team) were at Scapa Beach picking up litter or ‘Bagging the Bruck’. It was a very windy day but we picked up various types of materials but the main concern was plastic as, although many people don’t realise it, it does not biodegrade and disappear it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and it is being found in the human food chain in some parts of the world. Some of the other materials we found included rope, bottle tops, shot gun cartages’ and parcel ties.

Sue Whitworth and Lindsay Taylor (the RSPB field officers) met us at Scapa to tell us a bit about the shells, wildlife, the affects of litter and they were also there to give us a hand with picking up litter. We didn’t only go to Scapa to pick up litter we also went to raise awareness of the amount of litter being dropped not only in Orkney but everywhere around the world, to achieve the second part of our John Muir award and also to collect ‘bruck’ to use in our art work.

We managed to collect 12 bags of rubbish and a huge piece of fish netting - it took the whole team to pull it out of the sand.

By Joanne and Leah


  1. Cannot believe how quickly the green bags got filled with rubbish. My skin felt alot smoother after the sand exfoliation.

    Gillian Brown

  2. Cameron has been telling me how much fun it was and he enjoyed helping to clean up the beach.

    Lorna Norquay (Cameron Gray's mum)

  3. Thanks for your support! Everyone is welcome - we hope to do another trip or two this term.

  4. Well done to the 'S' Team - what a load of rubbish you managed to collect! It is always amazing when you collect the rubbish in one pile just how much there is.
    You have supported this with some really good information about what happens with the plastic as well.
    What a good start to this project.
    Mrs Miller