Bin questions and answers...

Today Maria Cuthbertson, Waste Services Manager for Orkney, and Dennis MacDonald, Team Leader Waste Operations, visited our school to answer some questions we had after thinking about bin design and what would be good for collecting marine litter at Scapa. We found out that a plastic bin would be best as it wouldn't rust and it could be picked up by the lift on the bin lorry. A large sliding lid which opens wide enough to take big items would be best. Dennis thought that locking wheels would be enough to keep the bin in place and that it wouldn't need an anchor post. This type of bin already exists and is used in our school grounds. At 1100 litres it has a big enough capacity and there is no need for bin liners. In winter the bin would be emptied once a week but in summer the bin would be emptied three times a week. We thought this was great! When the beach is busiest more people might help remove the marine litter and more capacity would be needed.

Our next job will be to design signs and decide how to tell people at Scapa what the bin is there for and try to encourage them to use it!

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