How we reflect on our learning

We think it is important to think about the learning we have done and know about the skills we are good at, and which are more challenging for us. We do this by looking at the cloud of labels on the blog and choosing one which we think we have done well. When we click on that skill it creates a list of posts which remind us of activities when we used that skill. Now we can choose an example which we remember and are pleased about doing well. We do this at home with our parents and at school once or twice a term. Its great fun to look back at things we have enjoyed and remember how we felt about them.

When posts are put on the blog we can label them with the most important skills we used in that activity. We can look at the cloud of labels and discuss, choose and agree on the best ones. Most of the skills can be used for many different areas of the curriculum (labels like writing and using mathematical skills aren't used much on the blog but you can see these skills on our wiki literacy and maths pages).
Using the blog labels to review learning.
Thinking about the skills we used and how we like to learn.

We learn in lots of different ways and we all like a different mixture of ways of learning, but most of us agree that model making and real life activities are some of the best ways of learning, some of us prefer drama and role play or debates. In our learning review we think about how we like to learn. This helps Ms Mackay give us choices about how we might be able to do things.

A few of our favourite ways of learning - investigating technology outdoors, planning and conducting experiments,
model making, playing games, creating pictures, organising fund raising, print-making.

All of us do things in and out of school which are important to us and we feel a sense of achievement about. Sometimes this can mean we win a medal or earn a certificate, but sometimes it is a real life skill like cooking a meal for the family or being a class representative on the Pupil Council. We like to share these achievements with our teachers so that they understand about our life outside school and what we are good at!

We do lots of things outside of school which we are proud of!

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  1. well done to everyone for your achievements out of school. What a clever bunch!
    Susie Rendall