Sports Day!

Finally we got great weather for Sports Day.
It was a close competition up until the last minute.
Well done team captains!

Underwater Orkney

This is Underwater Orkney week. Today we went to the King Street Halls to see the artwork we had made from beach litter displayed there.

We think our art stood out and we hope visitors to the events will be impressed and stunned by the variety of beach litter.

Anne Bignall and our display.

We made the  hanging balls out of packing tape and net and string we found at Scapa.
It took a lot of patience to make them as they were very delicate.

We based our artwork on the wide range of coloured plastics we found and the shapes of items we gathered.

We blended colours in a rainbow effect and made a circular shape with shotgun cartridges.

Callan Duck told us all about his seal research. He finds out the population of seals in Scotland using thermal imaging camera and a plane with a hole cut in the floor.

He also uses electronic tagging devices to follow the seals as they travel from one colony to another.
It also finds out how fast they swim and how deep they go and for how long they dive.

Yes there is elephant seal hair attached to the tag!