The Road to Nethybridge.

At last! Time to set out on the journey to Nethybridge.

Time for snack and a game of cards.

A calm crossing was a great start to the journey.

Time for first lunch.

'We are on our way!'

Ice cream at Brora!

After arriving and meeting Brodie, our activity leader for the week, we got settled in and had a look around. Then time for our evening meal before a visit to the shop and a quick phone home.

Later - Time Out and supper after a few indoor and outdoor games.
Tomorrow morning - orienteering!

Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver, the author of The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, visited us today courtesy of the Scottish Book Trust. Children from Rousay, Papay and Shapinsay joined us to hear about how Michelle became an author and research for her books. Always fascinated by wolves, Michelle also has had a keen interest in the Stone Age since early childhood. We hope her visit to Orkney will provide her with some more inspiration for future stories.

We were particularly interested in the stories set in the forests 6000 years ago about a boy, Torak, and his wolf 'brother'. For these books Michelle found out about the animals and technology and beliefs of the Sami in Finland and Inuit in Arctic Canada, as well as drawing on experiences with bears in California and learning how to communicate with real live wolves. Through our topics this year we have learned a lot about traditional technologies and a little about belief systems and myths. This introduction to the world of the wolf clan will provide us with rich material for literacy work in our final term.

It was great to speak to a real author and hear Michelle read an extract from her own stories. After answering a few questions Michelle undertook a lengthy signing session and a chat with the children.
Many thanks to Mrs MacRae and the library staff for organising this visit for us and many thanks to Michelle for coming to Orkney!

To find out more about Michelle and her books visit The Clan.