Shelter building at Muddisdale

We went to Muddisdale to build shelters based on designs agreed by the groups. Each shelter had to be built in 15 minutes and everyone had to fit inside. Once they had built the shelters they ate their bannock and butter inside.


  1. You obviously all enjoyed yourselves at Muddisdale. It looked like great fun building the shelters and I'm sure you all enjoyed your bannock.
    Kristan and Alan (Leah's mum and dad)

  2. Well done to you all .The shelters look really good . I did hear that the bannock was delicious!!
    Susie (Claire's mum)

  3. Brilliant, well done. You never know when you might need a shelter.
    Kim Foden

  4. Well done to you all! I do love those sorts of activities and Muddisdale.
    Mrs Rendall

  5. What a lot of concentration going on to build the shelters - and didn't they look great! The bannocks looked tasty as well and I am sure you appreciated them after the work of building the shelters.

    Mrs Miller