The Hudson Bay connection

This week Kim Foden came in to tell us about her ancestor Magnus Twatt who grew up in Orphir and spent 30 years working for the Hudson Bay Company in the late 18th century.

Kim shows us how the teepee is contructed.

We learned all about Magnus's life and heard how Kim found out about Magnus and discovered her Cree cousins at Sturgeon Lake.

Some of the Canadian artefacts Kim brought in to show us.
In the afternoon there was a technology challenge, to construct a model shelter that could be moved from place to place. Some groups tried to use the teepee construction, while others tried to use the traditional A frame tent shape.


  1. Looks like it was a really interesting talk by Kim. It also looked fun making the teepees.

    Alan ( Leah's Dad ).

  2. Lauren has shone me how to get on to the page and what she has done and she has been very helpful on the internet.

    By Richard Walker

  3. Looked like lots of fun making the teepees. All your ideas were really good!

    Diane (Emma's Mum)

  4. If you could forward my contact email to Kim, as I am also a descendant of Magnus Twatt, and have enjoyed reading her book "Full Circle". We live in Vancouver, Canada and would love to correspond. thanks, Chris
    Christopher Caplette:

    PS: I love that the kids in Orkney are learning about their Canadian connection.