Family drama

This week we have been getting ready for our visit to Kirbister and Corrigall Farm museum.
Each family group have developed the characters in their families and created family trees.
There was a visit from a photographer, everyone sat very still for the photograph to be taken.

'Watch the birdie!'
 The daily lives of the families at this time of year are full of hard work, especialy as there are only a few men folk. Many of the younger men have already left the toonship for Hudson Bay. One of our wives has not see her husband for a year and doesn't expect to se him again for at least another 12 months!
An evening around the hearth after a hard day working in the fields.
 As usual the older members of the family tell stories of life in their youth and tell a few favourite folk tales. There is still sewing, mending and knitting to be done for the women and the men might be repairing tools or furniture. The harvest Home dance is very soon so practising the fiddle is important too.
Practising the nine-pins for the Harvest Home dance.
We are looking forward to dancing, singing and music at Corrigall next Thursday.


  1. This looks like a really good school activity, and they all look as if they are enjoying themselves.

    Dianne Pottinger

  2. The blog looks great. Hope you all enjoy your trip tomorrow.

    Kristan (Leah's Mum)

  3. Hope you all enjoyed Corrigall, the photo's and video's are fantastic! Look forward to seeing more updates soon.

    Lauren (Shannon's Mum)