Nethy Day 2

Another day of glorious weather and the groups split up to do the climbing wall and abseiling at the big tree. The new climbing wall is fantastic! A few warm up games and everyone had a free climbing challenge before attaching harnesses, and climbing up and abseiling down.

Can you get all the way round without touching the floor?
Belaying team.
 The other climbing activity was at the big tree.
Climbing up one side and abseiling down the other.

Claire goes up...
and Claire comes down!

I did it!
After lunch it was time to get kit organised for dry-slope skiing.

Height and weight needs to be measured and boots, helmets and skiis adjusted - lots of mental maths involved for the instructors, and Miss Gillies.
 The ski slope was bathed in sunshine so it was hot work getting around on the skis, but worth it!
Glaitness Ski Team - ready to go!
Future pros.
Half way up.

Up we go.
 As the afternoon progressed, everyone's skills improved until they were flying down with good control and only the occasional bump!
The button lift helped in the heat.

Getting the hang of the button lift.
We ended our activities with a competitive game of polo - with very relaxed rules...
Later, Time Out and supper.


  1. wow looks like your all having a super time. I'm so jealous that you don't get to do any school work.

    Maddie Bethin's peedie sister

  2. Looks like another brilliant day. Thanks for great pictures keeping us in touch. Wendy Gunn

  3. Looks like another fabulous day! All your pictures are great to look at. Hope your weather stays nice!! Can't wait to see your pictures tommorow.........

  4. What another busy day. The weather looks glorious too. Great to see the photos. Everyone looks like they are trying hard and enjoying the activities.

    Mrs Miller

  5. We think the ski-ing looks good fun but we are wondering if it was a bit scary? We're looking forward to seeing more photos tomorrow.

    Class 2