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Last week the S Team returned to Scapa - this time we were made up of P7 and P4 and some parents.
We focused on the rocky end of the beach and looked in rockpools with Sue and Lindsey to find out about the range of biodiversity that was there - we saw some new creatures we had not seen before including a purple sponge and a sea squirt.

Of course we did bag some bruck while we were there including a stubborn tangle of ropes and net which was buried in the sand. We know there is more lying under the surface of the sand than we can reach. We filmed some video for our mockumentary - look out for that here soon!

 Today at school we were pleased to collectthe sticker for the bin which will go at Scapa encouraging people to pick up at least 3 pieces of litter on the beach. It look great - very bold and striking!

Next we will finish our beach plastic art for display at Underwater Orkney week beginning 4th June at King Street Halls, organised by Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership.

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