What did we learn?

Why canoe?
This is what we learned:

" You had to work as a team when you were all in a canoe."

"It shows you that it was not easy living at that time."

" You have to have good groupwork skills to make a shelter."

"You can get knowledge of the past by trying it!"

" Understanding what it was really like to be voyageurs and traders."

"We got to experience something similar to what the people working for The Hudson's Bay Company and the native people did."

"You can do OUTDOOR activities like make a campfire, use a kelly kettle and canoeing."

" We learned how to paddle a canoe and light a fire."

"We learned how to stay safe round a campfire."

" We learned how to cook dough on a campfire."

" We learned not to stand up in the canoe, or we would capsize."

Finally we decided that,

"It is good fun and healthy."

"We got fresh air instead of sitting in a classroom."

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