Following our Blog

There are a few new additions to our blog on the sidebar. We have a new blog ready for BBC School Report 2012. Though this event is not until 15th March we will be using this blog to practice and get ready for the big day. The template we are using for this blog means you can follow us on your mobile phone. Let us know if it works!

 You will see there are now 2 video channels, one for curriculum activities and one exclusively for sport. The sport channel will be where we put videos of ourselves playing sports and taking part in sporting activities, as well as reporting on sport in the school community in the lead up to the Olympic games.

Class 7 play Ringette on the Class Seven 2011 Sports Channel.
We are adding labels to all our posts. These show skills which the children have had the opportunity to achieve in the activites described in the posts. We hope that we will be able to use these to build statements about what we have learned in Primary 7.
We will add these learner statements to the wiki later.

Finally this blog is all about having an audience. It is very motivating for us all to know that our work is being shared beyond the classroom. Please leave a comment - tell us what you have looked at and what you have enjoyed, and also what you would like to see here. Encourage family abroad to look and leave comments too - lets see if we can light up our globe visitor counter as much as possible!


  1. I really enjoyed watching the video of you playing ringette.
    Susie Rendall

  2. Ooops looks like your sticks are the wrong way round!! Never seen this game played looks like fun.

    Lenore Macdonald

  3. Looking forward to seeing the class work with it's own channel and especially looking forward to seeing sports reports on the sports channel.

    Alan Garriock

  4. well done; look forward to more reports
    Alison Shearer