World War 2 Scapa Map

Annotating the map of Scapa at  HQ.
Today Anne Bignall of the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership came in to tell us about the defences in Scapa Flow during World War 2. We added barrage balloons, anti aircraft guns, lights for spotting aircraft, minefields, undersea communications cables, submarine nets and lots and lots more to our big map of Scapa Flow. We used a de-classified map of Scapa to help us find out where to put everything. Maps with all of this information were top secret in 1940!  Next week we will be visiting the Ness Battery to find out what one of these places was like. We will also be exploring the coast of Scapa Flow from Stromness from aboard the MV Graemsay - that will allow us to se the remains of many of the buildings you cannot see easily from the land.

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