The John Muir Award - getting started.

We have begun our work towards the John Muir Award by thinking about the difference we can make to the environment around us. At the end of the Arctic Voice topic we looked at our own global footprint and thought about ways in which we could reduce our impact on the planet.
Now it is time to get active!

Sue, our RSPB field officer, reminds us of how long materials take to decay.
 In primary 4 we found out about th eglobal impact of marine litter, now we are going to do something about it in our local environment.

The bird has died because its stomach is full of plastic.

A bale of packing tape at Birsay with a gannet stuck in the middle of it.
 Did the gannet mistake the floating bale for a shoal of fish?
We have made a plan of action for the next two terms and we hope to get lots of people throughout the school and community involved.
If you think you can help us or spare some time please get in touch.
You can see our plan on the John Muir Award page on the wiki.

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