Blue llamas go kayaking!

This week we had the first kayaking group session. Everyone learned how to get in and out of a boat, capsize and empty the boat safely. 

Bobbing about in buoyancy aids - blue llamas get wet!
 After trying to paddle the boat in various ways with hands only, everyone looked relaxed.

Using hands as paddles.
 Then we started using paddles - what a difference!
Time for a relay race!

Getting to grips with paddles.
Gradually everyone began to get a bit more control, until...

getting into position...
 they were whizzing along quite happily!

Whizzing along

Well done everyone - you took on the challenge, persevered and learned lots!


  1. This looks like a real challenge but lots of fun too!

    Miss Falconer

  2. looks like they're enjoying the kayaking and I liked watching the gymnastic sequences. Thankyou for putting all this so quickly on the site for us to see.

    Gillian(Jordan's Mum)